Going the extra mile for compliance

Going the extra mile for compliance

At Enovates, we pride ourselves on setting high standards, but we never settle. While our Single Wallbox was already  certified to the industry’s highest benchmarks, we went the extra mile to prove it and obtained a Type Examination certificate, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to compliance and quality.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is a Type Examination? Well, let’s break it down.

In accordance with European legislation, all products incorporating radio technologies must adhere to the Radio Equipment Directive. Compliance with this directive can be achieved through two primary methods:

Module A – Internal Conformity Assessment: In this approach, the manufacturer conducts the necessary tests and compiles the required technical documentation internally. They then affirm compliance based on their own assessment. While this method is entirely legal and commonly used, it is inherently subjective, relying heavily on the manufacturer’s judgment.

Module B – EU Type Examination: Contrary to Module A, in Module B, the manufacturer conducts the requisite tests and gathers technical documentation, which is then submitted to a notified body—a certified laboratory—for assessment. The notified body meticulously reviews all documentation to determine if the product complies with the Radio Equipment Directive.

In essence:

Module A: The company asserts, “Trust us, our product complies.”
Module B: A notified body confirms, “Yes, they’re correct. This product complies and is fit for the European market.”

Now, you might be thinking, “Radio equipment? It’s just a charging station.”

Indeed, while it may seem straightforward, charging stations often utilize various radio technologies such as RFID, Cellular, WiFi, or Bluetooth. Consequently, they fall under the purview of the Radio Equipment Directive, necessitating compliance to ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

At Enovates, we understand the importance of meticulous attention to detail and adherence to regulations. By obtaining the Type Examination certificate, we not only affirm our dedication to compliance but also reassure our customers of the quality and reliability of our products.

Join us on our journey as we continue to innovate and set new standards in the industry while prioritizing compliance every step of the way.

AFIR is in effect and we are ready to support you!

AFIR is in effect and we are ready to support you!

The Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) has become effective as of April 13th 2024. This regulation carries implications for public and semi-public AC charging infrastructure with a power output below 50 kW. At Enovates, we’re committed to ensuring you remain compliant, and we’re pleased to introduce our solutions tailored to address these regulatory requirements.

Key obligations under AFIR for charging stations below 50 kW:

  • Operators of publicly accessible charging stations deployed from 13 April onward must enable end-users to recharge their vehicles on an ad hoc basis.
  • Operators of such charging stations are mandated to make information on ad hoc pricing readily available at the stations they operate.

To assist our clients in fulfilling these obligations, Enovates has developed three innovative solutions:

1. NFC dynamic payment link transfer via RFID reader

The CSMS sends a payment link to charging station via OCPP, Utilizing the RFID reader of the charging station, this payment link is then transmitted to the user’s smartphone via NFC technology, enabling hassle-free ad hoc charging. This solution will become available through software update and can be rolled out retro-active on already installed products to establish a uniform solution for all operational products.

2. Dynamic QR code via additional user interface

With the integration of an additional user interface, featuring a screen to display pricing information and a dynamic QR code to initiate ad hoc transactions.
Through OCPP, pricing details and payment URLs are relayed to the charging station, ensuring transparency and convenience for users.

3. Integrated payment terminal

Featuring a cutting edge payment terminal, to empower users to initiate ad hoc transactions using various payment methods directly at the charging station. Moreover, in this setup, initiating a charging session on the additional station within the charging island is feasible from the master station. Direct integration between CSMS and payment provider is required.

Our Single Wallbox won a silver award on the eMove360 in Berlin!


The new Enovates Single WallBox has won the Silver Materialica Design + Technology Award in the category “Product” @eMove in Berlin!

A big thumbs up for the team that is behind this beautiful, advanced and well designed product!

Our Single WallBox is easy to install and use and can be customised to a customer’s identity. All components have been integrated on PCB’s which are not addessible for an installer, avoiding installation mistakes. 

The products has a low TCO and can be easily installed and used by means of a mobile application. Our charger is smart, connected and ready for the future by complying to the highest and newest EU standards. 

The carbon footprint has been kept as low as possible by using recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes that can be stacked on Europallets without any waste of space. After it’s expected lifespan of at least 7 years, the product is 99 % recyclable.

Check out https://www.enovates.com/products/nextgen for more details!