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Source: Phoenix Contact

Open interfaces for seamless integration

In today’s interconnected world, the ability to integrate with various Charge Station Management Systems (CSMS or backend systems) and Energy Management Systems (EMS) is crucial.

Enovates chargers are engineered with adaptability in mind, featuring modular designs that cater to various power requirements and installation environments. Our chargers support multiple charging standards and vehicle types, ensuring that all electric vehicle users can charge with ease. 

This flexibility makes Enovates chargers the perfect choice for any setting, from private garages and apartment complexes to public parking lots and commercial spaces.

In today’s interconnected world, the ability to integrate with various CSMS systems and EMS systems is crucial.

Integration with CSMS System

Enovates chargers are designed to work harmoniously with a range of backend solutions, enabling comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and management of charging activities. 

This integration facilitates better operational oversight and data-driven decision-making, helping businesses optimize their energy use and reduce costs.

Integration with EMS systems

Our chargers also support integration with the most advanced EMS systems in the market, allowing for intelligent energy distribution and load balancing. 

This ensures that energy is used efficiently, reducing the strain on the grid and enhancing the sustainability of your operations. 

By connecting our chargers with an EMS system, users can benefit from features such as peak shaving, demand response, and energy storage integration, making our solutions not only versatile but also future-ready.