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We specialize in intelligent charging systems.

With the Enovates smart chargers we provide a maximalisation for self consumption. 

The smart chargers will use all the power sources available such as solar power and energy storage systems to charge the vehicle.

Customers want to serve as many electrical vehicles as possible with an – often limited – grid connection. With increasing charge speeds, and an exponentially greater penetration of EV’s and PHEV’s on our roads, this complication needs an intelligent, fast and reliable solution.

Enovates is the perfect partner to tackle load balancing problems with future proof solutions.
Our Smart Charging suite comes in two flavors, each with it’s own functionality and target customers:
Smart Charging and Dynamic Charge Controlling.

Smart Charging

The Smart Charging algorithm is a clever load balancing algorithm that distributes the available power between a predefined group of chargers. The available current is distributed evenly among plugged in EV’s and PHEV’s. 

Each phase is processed independently to create a charging plaza with the highest efficiency on the market. This is the go-to solution for parking operators. 

This solution is suited for:

Dynamic Charge Controlling

This algorithm is based on Smart Charging, but takes the power consumption from a house or a building into account. The power consumption of the entire building is precisely measured, per phase, and the remaining available power is distributed towards the chargers. Enovates’ Dynamic Charge Controller is the perfect solution for real estate managers who have office or residential buildings in their portfolio. The solution can be retrofitted on older buildings or it can be integrated from the moment the electrical installation is built.

This solution is suited for: