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Suited for PUBLIC use

Trapezium XL

This attractive and robust charging station with two type two sockets and a domestic plug has an anti-graffiti, powder-coated, plate steel casing.

The spacious, extra wide housing makes it possible to install for example a smart meter and electrical cabinet thus eliminating in some cases the need for a street cabinet. 

Enovates charging stations can be fully adapted to your specific needs. Thanks to its modular design and the remote access capabilities, we ensure that your charging systems can be monitored and maintained with maximum efficiency.

Product brief

Manufactured and certified to the current public EV charging’s highest standards

Thanks to the clever design, both the installation costs and efforts are considerably reduced

Smart selectivity and the extensive Smart Charging Logic obtain the maximum capacity of each power connection and optimally distributes the power over the two sockets

Ergonomic, durable and corrosion-resistant design

Sustainability is in its DNA: used materials are 98% recyclable

Modular architecture using advanced controller, remotely upgradable software with functions such as OCPP 1.6 (2.0.1 ready), Smart Charging (incl. Intelligent® and Inter-Phase® Smart Charging)



1490 x 650 x 280

Charging mode

Mode 3 (IEC 61851-1 ed. 3)
ISO 15118


MID certified kWH-meter per charge point


2x Mode 3, Type 2 with shutter
+ Schuko outlet


Wifi (AP & Client)
Ethernet (WAN + LAN, router)
4G – LTE
RFID authentication (Multi-protocol)

Load balancing

Flexible charging per charge point
Charge controlling

Fully customizable

The charger has a flexible enclosure approach, which can easily be rebranded or fully customized to match the customer’s identity.

The prints and RAL-colours can be modified to make the charger stand out and make a visual impact.  

Optional hardware

Available hardware include load balancing and smart charging modules.
Not sure which one you need? We’ll happily assist you. 

Anchor Trapezium XL

Our well-engineered anchor for the Trapezium XL charger simplifies the installation process and allows a fast deployment.
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Vehicle Detection System

The Enovates Vehicle Detection System accurately detects the presence of electric vehicles at charging stations.
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Dynamic Load Balancer

The Enovates eDLB continuously optimises the energy flow, so that all vehicles are charged using the maximum available energy.
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