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Enovates Single Wallbox is now Mess und Eichrecht certified.

Enovates is pleased to announce that our Single Wallbox has successfully achieved both module B and module D certification for Mess und Eichrecht at Notified Body NMi. This certification is a testament to the quality and reliability of our product, and it further solidifies Enovates as a leading provider of innovative charging solutions.

“We are proud to have received these certifications for our Single Wallbox, as they highlight Enovates’ dedication to compliance, quality, and customer satisfaction. By choosing our product, customers can be assured that they are investing in a reliable and trusted charging solution that meets the highest standards in the industry. By achieving these certifications, we are now also ready for the German market.”

Steve Vancompernolle – Enovates, Key Account Manager

EU-Type examination certificate

The EU-type examination certificate of Module B ensures that our Single Wallbox meets the legal requirements and technical standards set forth by Mess und Eichrecht legislations. This product certification guarantees the accuracy of energy measurements and precision of charging sessions, giving users the confidence that they are being billed correctly for their energy usage.

The EU quality system approval of Module D certification, on the other hand, ensures that Enovates is permitted to produce Eichrecht chargers according to the specific production processes and applicable quality standards. This certification demonstrates our commitment to manufacture intelligent charging solutions that optimize energy usage and minimize the impact on the electrical grid.

Enovates is one of the pioneers in building an AC EVSE that is certified as a MID energy meter. When a CPO or MSP provides services related to energy billing, a certified MID energy meter is mandatory under most national government legislation in Europe. The Eichrecht feature takes it to a next level, it signs the entire transaction data and allows an end user to validate their billed data to ensure it comes from a certified product which was produced and tested according to the Measurement and Calibration Act.

Jonas Van De Vijver – Enovates, Product Lifecycle Manager

Truly cutting-edge charging stations

Enovates will continue to innovate and deliver cutting-edge charging solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market. We remain committed to provide our customers with the best products and services in the industry, while always adhering to the strictest regulatory and quality standards.

For more information about our certified Single Wallbox and our complete range of charging solutions, please visit our website or contact our sales team.