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Joined forces for sustainable energy solutions

Efficient charging of electric vehicles requires more than just a high-performance charging station. It requires an integrated approach, where both the charging station and the energy management system are seamlessly aligned. 

That is why Enovates chose to work with a partner like Phoenix Contact

Two companies with the same vision that distinguish themselves by using open systems.

Open systems? Infinite options

Both companies not only focus on efficient charging, but also strive for ease of use and seamless integration into larger systems. Both Phoenix Contact’s MINT-energiemanagementsystem and Enovates‘ smart charging stations are designed with interoperability in mind. The open systems approach of both companies not only provides flexibility, but also ensures that both solutions can work with different manufacturers.

In this way, the joint solutions from Phoenix Contact and Enovates meet current customer needs, but are also flexible and expandable. The combination of the advanced MINT energy management system and Enovates’ smart charging stations results in a synergy that goes beyond the sum of the parts.

At Enovates we strongly believe in the power of open systems and seamless integration. Working together with Phoenix Contact allows us to provide advanced solutions that not only meet current needs, but are also flexible and future-proof”.

Stijn Vispoel – Enovates, R&D Manager

Technological innovation as a boost for the ESG score

With this collaboration, both companies not only offer the best possible solution for their customers, but they also directly contribute to a more sustainable future, which will be reflected in the ESG score of their customers. In addition, there is the smooth exchange of data between the Enovates charging stations and the MINT system. Data that MINT customers can collect and request fully automatically for their sustainability reporting.

With the right partners towards an All Electric Society

Phoenix Contact attaches great importance to carefully selecting partners who share the same values and goals. Such collaborations result in much more than efficient energy management for our joint customers.

“With partners such as Enovates, who share the same vision, we are always one step closer to our vision of an All Electric Society. And that in a targeted and sustainable way.”

Joris Huegaerts – Phoenix Contact, Business Area Manager E-Mobility, Industry Management & Automation