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The Dynamic P1 Balancer is the ultimate device for load balancing in all residential buildings having a digital energy meter with P1 interface, especially in locations where energy is produced (using PV).

The device receives the energy meter information continuously via the P1 interface and provides this information to the Enovates charger.

This plug-on solution allows for efficient smart charging in combination with a compatible charger, resulting in the perfect solution to optimize the use of your own green energy for your vehicle. The ultimate green e-Mobility!

Product brief

Easy to install on houshold grid installations on DIN rail, communicating via the P1 interface of the digital meter.

Real time bi-directional energy flow detection allowing for optimal energy monitoring

Obtain ultimate green e-mobility in combination with Enovates chargers

Minimize the grid usage to save on electricity costs

Typical installation & energy flow

During the day, the energy consumption and production varies continuously, due to the activity, weather conditions,….

The Enovates eDPB and EV charger continuously optimize the energy flow, so that the vehicle is charged using the excess of PV energy.

This whilst keeping the grid installation into account, preserving reliable power availability. The outcome is a maximum of vehicle charging with minimal grid usage, resulting in a lower electricity bill!

Product description & standard applications

The eDPB device continuously receives the voltage and current information of a residential installation and provides this information to the Enovates Home Charger. As a result, the charger can take the actual load of the house into account and balance the EV charging power accordingly.

This results in a well balanced installation, never overloading the grid connection, avoiding peak loads and hence avoiding the circuit breaker to interrupt the power supply. Additionally, the installation can be configured as such that the EV charger only uses the energy provided by the PV installation, maximizing the self-consumption of self-generated green energy and reducing the energy bill.

The device can be added to any existing grid connection with digital meter without interruption of the energy connection by means of the P1 interface of the meter. The connection of the eDPB to the EV charger can be established by standard UTP cable.

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